The “Employability Skills 4 Youth” project (ES4Y) aims to transfer innovative training methodologies to youth workers to improve guidance and counseling, vocational and non-formal training in the EU and Latin America for youth and young NEET who face greater difficulties in entering the labor market, are more vulnerable to being at risk of social exclusion.


An online platform will be set up, using open source software, in order to create an online space as connection for project target groups (Youth workers, young NEETs, young universities students, young people with fewer opportunities), and dissemination of project events, progress and deliverables.

The idea is to create an interactive learning platform with user-friendly interface, test evaluations, interactive exercises and videos that will encourage involvement of the target group.

Within the platform, FUTURO DIGITALE (FD) will set up a learning area that will contain e-courses for participants and professionals working in the field of youth work.

The platform will be divided in different spaces:

  • Resource Area working as repository of documents, manuals and articles, with different subsections according to the topics chosen by partners (e.g. management, human resources, social entrepreneurship area, training, etc.);
  • E-learning Area with a package of 6 e-learning modules (O2), defined with Coordinator and partners;
  • Quiz Area offering short quizzes to verify what users have learned after e-learning modules (O2) and TCs organized by partners to enhance skills in the youth work sector.

Users will enter the project website and have access to the online platform, in order to be connected across Europe and Latin-America as an opportunity for swapping new methodologies and approaches. Each of the users will be able to create an account by registering username and password or through Facebook account.

The main languages of the platform will be the 3 target-countries languages and English as global language.

E-learning courses


All the project partners will develop entrepreneurship learning modules, a specific guided path for ES4Y participants so that they will be able once completed all the modules to develop new skills for the training of youth. At a starting phase, the entrepreneurship learning modules will be only available for project participants on the project online platform (O1). Once the first TC will be over the first three learning modules will be freely available to all interested stakeholders through the project online platform (O1) and so on for the remaining ones. There will be quizzes incorporated within each module and participants have to participate on all on-line discussion forums for each module.

The ES4Y project intends to transfer a developed innovative learning models and (e‐) learning content which are flexible enough to address the specific needs of the young peoples’ skills and the world of work (time and place flexibility), are adoptable and modular (different backgrounds, sectors) and reflect the practical needs of the participants. The intangible outcome of the ES4Y project is innovation of the available curriculum and training programmes, which will be adapted to address specific Youth workers needs in youth field. The target group is also approached throughout good practice examples and case studies.

The e-learning course will be composed of six modules which offer different approaches and methods to different aspects of the topic “young peoples’ skills and the world of work”.

Module 1. Social and Communication skills 
Module 2. Informational and communication technologies / ICT 
Module 3. Sense of self & community engagement 
Module 4. Entrepreneur skills and entrepreneur spirit 
Module 5. Social Entrepreneurship and Social Entrepreneurs 
Module 6. Build Your Network 
Module 7. Getting started: your first business plan 
Module 8. Finding investment and funding

Digital Guide on the skills needed by employers to facilitate the job creation

Digital Guide (in English and languages of all partners countries) with a holistic approach for the training in job skills and social entrepreneurship of youth, containing also an analysis of the main barriers and opportunities for the social inclusion of the most vulnerable youth in Europe and Latin-America, mainly in the partners’ countries. The digital Guide will contain all the good practices drafted taking into account the experience and the opinion of all participants in which the consortium will identify the best approaches to foster youth skills for promoting youth employability.

This will include all the knowledge gained during the implementation of the 2 TCs as well as an analysis of the current situation which those youths are living in Europe and Latin America regarding the different crisis (economic, migration or refugees) that affect our society.

This Digital Guide will also ensure the sustainability and improving the achievements made through the project. The project will establish also a list of tips and recommendations in order to continue improving the work in this field, not only inside their own organisations but for all interested organisation in Europe and Latin America which are active in the training and inclusion of youth.

How can we move forward? Analysis of the main challenges that we will have to face to foster young social action, entrepreneurship and raise of new skills in the short and long-term and how to tackle them in order to carry on advancing in the capacity building of youths.